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 These are some "fun" llama photos
that we thought that you might enjoy!

And another beautiful day begins!


Daddy, are we there yet?


What's the big deal? We're dogs, you're llamas!


Honest, we didn't do it!


What do you use llamas for?


I don't get paid to supervise !!!


I  said I wanted a bigger trailer but this is a bit of over-kill, d0n't you think?


Who said llama folks don't clean up pretty good?


I can fly ! I can fly !


Wow, just 30 minutes old and MaMa's getting her ready to show.


  "Hurry up Kata, we'll miss dinner."


"The Riviera has nothing on this".   zzzzzzzzz


See, cleaning up stalls can be fun.


One show, 3 that is joy!


Party Time.......2001 Grand Nationals!


Who said there is no joy in winning?


"The End"

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