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Dixie Doodle Farm offers limited outside breeding 
to all of our herd sires
The breeding fees for each male is listed 
on the Herd Sire page

Fees are valid through June 30, 2011

Our breeding season is October 1 thru June 15.




1.  BREEDING FEE:_________________
Total price of Breeding Fee(s) is/are to be paid to DDF
before breeding to Female(s).
2.  Transportation to and from Dixie Doodle Farm (aka DDF) is the sole responsibility of the owner(s) of the female to be bred.
3.  DDF requires that the female(s) being bred be insured.  Should the female(s) have a nursing cria, the cria is also to be insured.  We recommend Wilkins Livestock Insurer.  For complete details and pricing on insurance call, Wilkins at 1-800-826-9441.  The cost of the insurance is the sole responsibility of the owner of the female(s).  DDF requires a copy of or proof of the current insurance. 
4.  There will be no boarding charge for the first (30) days of stay.  After (30) days, DDF will charge $5.00 per day per llama.  If the female(s) has a nursing cria under (6) months of age, there is no charge for the cria.
5.  Any Vet or unusual  miscellaneous charges for medical reasons that are incurred while at DDF, will be the sole responsibility of the female(s) owner.  DDF will notify owner(s) before Vet is contacted unless time is of the essence.
6.  All llamas being brought to DDF must have a valid health certificate from a certified Vet issued within (5) days.  Health certificate must state that the attending Vet has given  all the de-worming and tests which are -  1x with Cydectin Sheep Drench (orally) or  Quest, (3) consecutive days of Safeguard or Panacur, dusted for lice and negative fecal check for all parasites/coccidia within (5) days of arrival at DDF.  She must also have had her Rabies vaccine within the year.  A copy of these procedures must be brought for DDF records.  These requirements are for the protection of all the llamas.
7.  Boarding will consist of daily morning feeding of 1# of Southern States llama grain top dressed with Winner's Edge Breeders Minerals or MasterPlan Minerals, free choice Winner's Edge Breeders Minerals or MasterPlan Minerals, fresh water, coastal bermuda hay, pasture grazing, weight monitoring on a digital scale and daily hands on.  If other feed is to be fed to the female(s), owner(s) is to provide appropriate  amount for a minimum (30) day stay.
8.  DDF will do Hand Breeding to assure the safety of both the male and female.  The breeding will be timed.  DDF will use the "spit-off" method with at least (2) different males. If progesterone testing or ultrasound testing is requested, that will be the sole financial responsibility of the female(s) owner and DDF will need to be advised at time of delivery.
9.  DDF guarantees a live cria birth.   
10.  BREEDING FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.  However, depending on the circumstances, DDF will rebreed at no extra charge to the same Herd Sire. 


Should you have any questions regarding any of the above, please contact us.  
We want your female(s) to be as comfortable as possible while visiting us. 

If there is anything special that you do for her, let us know, 
so we can try to accommodate the request.


FEMALE(s) OWNER: ______________________ DATE: 


HERD SIRE OWNER: ___________________          DATE: 

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