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About Dixie Doodle Farm


Just in case you're wondering where the name "Dixie Doodle" came from

 Kathy is from South Carolina.....the Dixie
Ken is from upstate New York....the Doodle as in Yankee Doodle


In 1992, we decided that urban life and the business world were taking their toll so we bought 60 acres in North Georgia, 
sold our businesses and suburban homes and began the chore of clearing our land. 
Two years later, we had a 60 acre farm that  needed animals. 


We looked at all types of livestock and ruled just about all of them out until, somehow, we came upon what came to  be an all encompassing, fantastic lifestyle..........Llamas.  

We built a barn and added fencing, talked to many people and 
did a whole lot of research before we ever bought our first 
furry, humming friends.

We now have between 80 and 100 llamas in our. herd at 
any given time ....... males, females and babies in every 
possible color scheme and all types of fiber......that 
basically take up most of our time.


We discovered the Show Ring in 1996, which was never our intention.  We were arm-wrestled into showing one of our 
llamas at. the Georgia National Fair even though we had 
never seen a llama show let alone shown a llama. We ended 
up with a Grand Champion -  Max.  
The hook was set.  

We decided right then and there that our focus as llama 
breeders was going to change.  
And did it ever !!!


We breed for good disposition and show 
quality llamas exclusively. 
Our home bred llama's continued success 
in the show ring is indicative that we must be 
doing something right.

Dixie D's Leilah Belle Brown


Please do stop by and see us.  The door is always open.  
Ice tea and a pot of coffee are always ready. 
Just give us a call, e-mail or fax for an appointment and directions. 


Ken and Kathy Smalley
4965 Hurt Bridge Road
Cumming, GA 30028
Phone: 770-887-3531
Fax: 770-887-2471

Ken Cell:  770-843-3471
Kathy Cell:  770-853-3475



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